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The want of proper families in the place, and the conviction that none beyond the place and its immediate environs could be tempted to attend, were mentioned; but he was not satisfied.
Why does Traddles look so important when he calls upon me this afternoon in the Commons - where I still occasionally attend, for form's sake, when I have time?
The rapidity with which he insisted on travelling, bred several disputes between him and the party whom he had hired to attend him as a guard.
d'Avrigny, who attends my mother, declares he is in despair about it.
If an Indian is riding by the place, he dismounts, holds his horse, and attends with reverence until all is done.
The incertitude which attends closely every artistic endeavour is absent from its regulated enterprise.
That would be a pity; for I cannot pretend that Seth and Dinah were anything else than Methodists--not indeed of that modern type which reads quarterly reviews and attends in chapels with pillared porticoes, but of a very old-fashioned kind.
Ay, and still more, I shall see Raoul, who attends upon M.
When at home, he attends only to his weapons and his horses, preparing the means of future exploit.
I have seen nothing objectionable except my husband leaning against the wall and talking to an individual whom I suppose he takes for a duke, but whom I more than suspect to be the functionary who attends to the lamps.
Our author is voluminous; he continues to write and publish with as much praiseworthy and indefatigable prolixity as if his efforts were crowned with the brilliant success that so justly attends those of Eugene Sue.
I know what it is, for Mr Musgrove always attends the assizes, and I am so glad when they are over, and he is safe back again.