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Non-elite marathon runners on the other hand, reported more external attentional strategies.
The ratings were higher on attentional functioning, positive affect, and tranquility and significantly lower with respect to negative affect.
Empirical evidence of attentional capacity limits has been used to argue that conscious experience has higher capacity than cognitive representation.
Teachers also reported more difficulty handling the attentional difficulties of intermediate children as compared to their industrious counterparts.
Focus plans are like a map of your attentional focus during performance.
As the accuracy of peripheral input declines with age, attentional resources become more focussed on the control of posture.
Stimulus sets were analyzed with respect to their spatial frequency content to ensure that they did not differ in terms of basic visual properties, which could elicit reflexive attentional capture irrespective of image content.
Beyond the aims of Posner and colleagues, we assumed that the attentional benefits of detecting relevant information in realistic sport-specific slides at precued and therefore expected locations would also enhance the efficiency of decision-making processes.
Tests of learning and memory, choice reaction time, planning and attentional functions were administered at each assessment.
Australian-born Odette England's Attentional Landscapes and Crash Markers series form her first solo UK exhibition at the Durham Light Infantry Museum and Art Gallery from Saturday.

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