attentive to detail

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It was great to work with Epson and YR STORE on this project and Dan was fantastic to work with - creative, knowledgeable, attentive to detail and good fun too
Catherine Junor heads the department, and consultant David Hetherington is 'tenacious and attentive to detail, and gets great results'.
Given his critiques of Tillard, these synopses are notably attentive to detail and objective.
The successful candidate will have a demonstrated interest in the estate and trust practice areas, be adept with technology, be extraordinarily attentive to detail, and exhibit a strong work ethic.
So a baby born at the end of July will be full of surprises: lavish, impulsive, attentive to detail and inquisitive about matters of health.
He is very attentive to detail - he doesn't miss anything.
Because Tales has such a devoted following, Maupin is scrupulously attentive to detail, even rereading his previous books to maintain consistency with his own lore.
He is meticulous, conscientious, control-oriented, attentive to detail and seeks recognition from his superiors," according to a psychological examination released by the UN-backed court.
Methodologically, for the field of material religion to move forward, scholars will need to develop a writing style that is sensuous, on-the-ground, and attentive to detail.
While the Big Three were busy transferring wealth from shareholders to employees, Japanese automakers were building factories in the US and proving that American autoworkers could be just as productive and attentive to detail as their foreign competitors.
One scene in which Black was scrupulously attentive to detail is perhaps the film's most riveting: White's murder of Milk.
Keenly attentive to detail, Baker often includes exact dates, places, and names relevant to Austen's work.