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You do not know that Bishop Berkeley attested that his metaphysics did not work.
Savages now sometimes cross their dogs with wild canine animals, to improve the breed, and they formerly did so, as is attested by passages in Pliny.
But there are other facts not of such consequence nor so necessary, which, though ever so well attested, may nevertheless be sacrificed to oblivion in complacence to the scepticism of a reader.
To say the truth, if the historian will confine himself to what really happened, and utterly reject any circumstance, which, though never so well attested, he must be well assured is false, he will sometimes fall into the marvellous, but never into the incredible.
These forms are applicable to those employees who have completed their Form-11 (New) details and the employer has seeded the Aadhaar and bank details as KYC and uploaded the same to the UAN portal duly attested through Digital Signature.
Instructions in this regard have already been communicated to the field formations who have been directed to verify the attested documents through wireless from concerned PALs without causing inconvenience to the residents.
Abu Dhabi: Public school pupils across the emirate of Abu Dhabi can now obtain attested transcripts from nine schools, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) announced in a statement.
Summary: Getting school certificates attested will become easier as Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) announced a new online system for attesting certificates issued by private schools in Dubai.
MUSCAT: Indian expatriates who wish to bring their spouses to the Sultanate have to obtain a marriage certificate duly attested by the general attestation departments (GAD) from India, a senior Indian embassy official has said.
When it has been attested to, and when enough of us have achieved certification, then, and only then, can we regard ourselves as recognized professionals.
Dictionaries of medieval Latin sometimes include words which are first attested in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
Thus, the accountant who puts his or her name to an attested (by state definition) financial statement is practicing public accountancy and therefore must be a licensee of the board of accountancy.