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One jurisdiction targeted street robberies by asking assistant district attorneys to respond quickly to crime scenes and precincts to question witnesses and gather evidence.
She was turned down by seven attorneys before obtaining representation by [trial counsel].
The courts often are hostile to the peer review privilege because it is a restriction on discovery and does not involve attorneys.
Marketing-phobic attorneys around the country can now put their fears aside and simply visit the attorney-friendly legal marketing website, www.
Locating and interviewing potential elder law attorneys well in advance of when your clients will need their services makes good sense.
Y's case involves a further consideration, because he brought his claims under Federal statutes that authorize fee awards to prevailing plaintiffs' attorneys.
The time-honored benchmarks should still be applied in researching potential space for a law firm client--they are still attorneys, and they still want offices and doors.
Recently, I was involved in an unsuccessful mediation of a tax case with Tax Division attorneys in the district court for the District of Columbia, not because the Justice Department's Tax Division agreed to it, but because the district court ordered [it.
16) One predictable consequence of the Farrar decision is that attorneys will be deferred from filing cases where they can anticipate that the amount of attorney's fees incurred will be larger than the monetary damage award.
The initiatives sponsored by the Hispanic Attorney's Committee are designed not only to promote local attorneys, but also benefit the Pittsburgh legal community-at-large.
SAN DIEGO - At a critical point in Sempra Energy's $23 billion antitrust trial, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer's office threatened to file a separate lawsuit intended to leverage a settlement that would mean tens of millions of dollars in fees for Lockyer's longtime political ally and friend Tom Girardi and others on the legal team, lawyers and sources close to the case said.
More family law attorneys are recommending their divorce clients hire a single, neutral CPA to help handle the transition from their shared financial life to their new independent lives.