attract notice

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In the early 1920s, Sarasota was beginning to attract notice from Northern visitors.
For all that discretion, the Mellons' exceptional wealth could not but attract notice, and Young included the price paid for several pictures in the Washington show: $616,000 for Cezanne's Boy in a Red Waistcoat in 1958; $505,260 for Monet's Woman with a Parasol in the summer of 1965.
But as soon as the guests [the world leaders] left, it added Erdem GE-l, Ankara bureau chief at the Cumhuriyet newspaper, and me to the more than 20 [Turkish] journalists it has already put in jail," said DE-ndar, saying that people would generally think such despotic acts "would attract notice and invite repercussions," but this was not the case.
The cover art adds a charming note and will certainly attract notice in any young adult book display.
But they still attract notice in an institution that values its traditions and changes slowly.
That's a way to get attention, to push the boundaries enough to attract notice without crossing the line so that what you're trying to say is undone by how you're saying it.
To convey the allergen message to consumers, the Cybele's Free to Eat Cookies package is designed to attract notice at the point of sale.
Meaning, skip the alumni reach-out, the tweet to attract notice, and the industry luncheon.
With the Deutsches Derby and Grosser Preis von Baden hero Samum in his first crop, allied to a remarkably high percentage of winners to foals, he began to attract notice, and before long he was receiving patronage from leading breeders outside Germany.
Addressing the issue of clothing, he writes: "If you dress yourself sumptuously and go out in public so as to attract notice, if you rivet the eyes of young men to you and draw the sighs of adolescents after you, and nourish the fires of sexual anticipation .
It is praiseworthy that the learned author first put together his anecdotes of those who normally would not attract notice.
How else can those seeking redress be seen and heard except by acting in ways that attract notice, such as "occupying" Wall Street or the Eugene Park Blocks?