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Summary: India's main opposition Hindu nationalists Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday launched its re designed website with some attractive features and details for tech-savvy voters.
The building has been under the same solid ownership for over half a century, which gives it the financial stability that is one of its most attractive features," said Beissel.
Other attractive features include an XM Satellite Radio tuner with NavTraffic to hear traffic condition updates ($2,250; www.
From the Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, to the Effigy Mounds of Marquette, Iowa, Midwest Marvels presents useful information about attractive features, history, locations, hours, prices of admission, and local colour stories.
One of the attractive features of the area is the Timiskaming Forest Alliance that operates the Temiskaming Forest sustainable forest license (SFL).
The drive to introduce organic molecular materials into electronic device applications, "organic electronics," is motivated by a number of potentially attractive features, such as ease of fabrication, ability to fabricate on flexible substrates, and the wide extent to which organic materials can be functionalized via organic synthetic methods.
Rather than trying to conform to an ideal, the latter group accentuates what they feel are their best, most attractive features.
Other attractive features of the pocket drive are its password protection for data storage, a free one-year warranty, and a Seagate offer of free technical advice even after the warranty expires.
Both styles of property offer buyers a list of attractive features.
By introducing set-tops with PVR and other attractive features, cable operators can reduce churn by at least one percent, which would save nearly $500 million annually for every one million subscribers in service installation costs.
Faxon of Boston University Medical Center, "The concept has some attractive features.
While Steir wouldn't confirm the building's purported leasing negotiations that are said to be ongoing between Forest City Rather and a handful of undisclosed tenants, he did reveal that Covington Burling had grabbed space in the building at an opportune time that allowed him to secure some attractive features for them in the lease, such as future expansion rights.