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Finally, to prove Point (iii) and Algorithm , suppose that s is an existing block-sequential update schedule that induces A as an attractor, i.
There is also a quasi periodic regime with two aliquant frequencies and attractor in the shape of an annulus.
The second form of attractor is called the pendulum attractor.
Complexity concepts of open exchange, networks, phase transitions, fitness peaks, and attractors are interwoven with spiritual concepts of change, balance, energy, community, calling, harmony, and unity.
The word ATTRACTOR refers to the objects associated with a particular land use that would attract attention and be used to make the Present or Absent decisions.
The early attractor was offering something different from a situation that seemed hopeless.
Just as the magnetic pull of the attractor influences a chaotic system into a discernible pattern so do strongly held values influence the judgments and actions of a work force by creating a boundary beyond which behavior will not go.
In 1992, Alexander and his colleagues found a theoretical example in which the set of initial conditions, or basin of attraction, leading to one attractor is riddled with points corresponding to initial conditions leading to another outcome.
Individual differences in attractor patterns emerged both in terms of shapes and sizes.
These whirlpools preserve their form because they are essentially cleaving or adhering to what are called chaotic or strange attractors that exist, as it were, within those processes.
A strange attractor is a point or a collection of points around which a chaotic variable will oscillate.