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It was an adequate scale to trace the key theoretical causes for scholarly achievements as were identified in the classic attribution theories.
com was created as an online destination where digital marketers can learn more about how to leverage multi-touch attribution and customer journey analytics to optimize campaign performance and ROAS.
This essay explores facets of this rapid approach to attribution and specifically investigates the implications of this recent development for scientific practice.
Windsor provides attribution modelling for digital success of an organisation.
The defense criticized Donaldson's failure to define his own role once the decision was made in 2012 that he would be used as an attribution witness.
He warned that attribution in a media environment that is desperate for information can be a "marketing and publicity thing.
Students benefit by using the 'Effort' attribution (Haynes, Perry, Stupnisky, & Daniels, 2009) because it is particularly associated with controllability.
As e-Commerce has turned toward omnichannel customer engagement, solutions like Infernotions' revenue attribution technology represent a powerful new tool for marketers to truly understand all aspects of their customers' behavior through the purchase path and participate in meaningful conversations that will drive higher conversions and repeat business," said Feite Kraay, Partner, Tangentia Commerce Solutions.
Consumers exhibit different attribution responses to each type of product regret.
Press reports at the time suggested that the Painting with its new attribution could be worth up to 50 million [pounds sterling].
This article extends the findings of these studies to show that the partisan biases that often accompany the attribution process are not limited to the assessment of current political leaders.