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Attune Technologies has gained $10 million in Series B funding from Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures, and Norwest Venture Partners.
With 70 percent of the immune system residing in the digestive tract, digestive health is becoming an increasingly important part of daily health for adults and kids alike - especially as kids return to school and our frantic lifestyles mean eating on the run," said Rob Hurlbut, CEO of Attune Foods, a leader in daily probiotic wellness snacks.
We understand their pain points and have packaged this expertise into attune for Retail - delivering an enterprise solution that is preconfigured to their needs and can be implemented quickly, at a much lower cost to the business.
With a strong team in place, attune is uniquely positioned to become the leading provider of innovation and business transformation for fashion and lifestyle companies.
Attune Systems solutions reduce file management complexity for enterprise, government, and education storage environments while slashing operating costs and increasing scalability.
The commercialization of Attune leverages the company's expertise in instrumentation, as well as its position as a long-time leading provider of flow cytometry reagents, to create a system that will offer scientists enhanced sample throughput, sensitivity and accuracy for a range of cell biology applications.
As a trusted advisor with deep industry expertise and leading best practices, attune helps fashion brands quickly and cost-effectively deploy tailored solutions that meet their business requirements.
Founded in 2007, Attune RTD uses its patented, proprietary technology in products designed to promote energy conservation in the new Smart Grid utility infrastructure.
Our goal in working with BPS, as with every one of our fashion and lifestyle clients, is to ensure the technology solution we implement will support their growth objectives," said Ingrid Zohar, project manager at attune.
In addition to the purchase of Uncle Sam and Erewhon, Attune Foods also is acquiring Skinner's Raisin Bran and New Morning cereal and graham cracker brands.
March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- attune Consulting, a premier global solutions provider to the fashion and lifestyle industries, today announced its successful partnership with Life is good.
Coffee Bean, Raspberry and Almond Get the Attune Probiotic Chocolate Treatment