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US Dollar Forecast Bearish on Clear Downward Momentum Euro Fundamentally Weak but Still the Dollar's Counterpart Japanese Yen Attuned to Risk Aversion, But What about USDJPY?
Finally, Harman notes that several small studies have found that the Schools Attuned program "has a positive effect on student and teacher outcomes.
The Schools Attuned professional development program is used in numerous independent schools and public school districts across the country.
But with the remaining square footage available at MCCI, we plan to offer pre-built office suites because we ate attuned to what tenants want and expect We take the guesswork out of the equation; prospective tenants won't have to visualize--they'll the perfect move-in condition.
They include making the bank's poverty reduction approaches more attuned to good management of natural resources, supporting cooperation on transboundary pollution issues, helping countries build environmental considerations into economic growth, and integrating environmental considerations across all bank operations.
Those engaged in dialogue must first be well grounded in their own Catholic faith before they can take on proponents of New Age ideas and those who, although not specifically attuned to New Age, are searching for meaning to their lives.
Community colleges do much to make up ground lost earlier, as well as to provide hands-on training attuned to market demand.
The focus, though, will be the '90s art, which is both more fluid and aleatory than the earlier work and shows a less confrontational and reportorial artist attuned to a larger, almost mythic terrain of human misery.
Successful IT professionals are much more attuned to the benefits of preventative information security planning.
Bembo's advocation of an Italian literary language based on Petrarch's poetry and Boccaccio's prose, a language perceived as untouched by history and regional rivalry, was keenly attuned to the ambitions of the Medici, and Labe's reorientation of Petarch's treatment of amatory relationships was intended to make available to a middle-class audience forms of verse excluded from the educated male community schooled in the humanist tradition.
They seemed keenly attuned to one another, and yet their action was more ritualistic than sensuous.
They found five neurons specifically attuned to particular facial indices.