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Recalled separation anxiety and gender atypicality in childhood: a study of Canadian heterosexual and homosexual men and women.
The SRP is composed of Anxiety, Atypicality, Locus of Control, Social Stress, Attitude to School, Attitude to Teachers, Depression, Sense of Inadequacy, Relations with Parents, Interpersonal Relations, Self-Esteem, and Self-Reliance.
3 A book review described atypicality of seasonal affective disorder and marked improvement within four to five days of beginning light treatment.
The results revealed statistically significant differences (after applying the Bonferroni correction) for the hyperactivity subtest, the behavioral problems subtest, the attentional problems subtest, the atypicality subtest, the social skills subtest, the leadership subtest, the externalizing problems subtest, and the adaptive skills subtest.
8) The 12 subscales of the BASC-2 are as follows: attitude to school, attitude to teacher, sensation seeking, school maladjustment composite, atypicality, locus of control, somatization, social stress, anxiety, clinical maladjustment composite, depression and sense of inadequacy.
Precariousness in work, which has been an unfortunate collateral consequence of the capitalist project, connotes much more than marginality or atypicality.
More broadly, such analyses identify patterns, trends and atypicality, and to identify causal links.
The only elevated scale on Ann's BASC-2 was on Anxiety (T score = 61), while Mike rated George in the borderline clinical range on Anxiety (67T), Somatization (60T) Atypicality (63T), Withdrawal (63T), and Internalizing Problems (60T).
Aside from anything else, the atypicality of civilian resistance is inferentially derivable from the fact that it was seen as criminal conduct under the early LOAC and is outlawed under the current version of the LOAC.