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CATALYST Corporate Finance has advised the shareholders of aerospace components supplier Shimtech Industries on its PS144 million sale to Auctus Industries.
The first time visitors - Parthenon, TSMC, BMGI, VISA, Baker Hughes, and Auctus Advisors - gave an encouraging response and offered large number of positions to IIT Kharagpur talents.
Ubelin and published in the: "Atlas of Ptolemaeus AUCTUS Restituta, emaculatus cum tabula veteribus .
The deal with Tyesley-based Auctus Management Group - which could lead to around 150 full time and contract jobs - is the council's second major equity project using a pounds 25 million fund managed by its Finance Birmingham arm.
Now, EEI will resubmit its S1 registration statement for the $10 million equity line (Press Release Issued 3/24/2011) that was initially negotiated through Auctus Private Equity Group, LLC in March of 2011.
One last, very dated, use of the term 'Eendracht' for the Australian continent can be found in some of the states of the World map by Nicolaus Joannes Visscher, Orbis Terrarum Typus de Integro in Plurimis Emendatus, Auctus, et Incunculis Illustratus', (Fig.
II promulgatus, fontium annotatione auctus [Rome: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1995].
Inset, judges Andrew Forfar from Tourism Partnership North Wales, Non ap Gwyn from Menter Iaith Mon, James Kenny from Auctus and Jonathan Jones from Visit Wales
Arizona Chemical has reached an agreement to purchase Abieta Chemic, a leading European rosin upgrading company, from private funds managed by AUCTUS Management GmbH&Co KG equity firm.
Bruni, 1996, 508: "Sed hec omnia ut falsa et ab obtrectatoribus ficta existimem, facit quod mox inde protinus in Macedoniam evocatus a Philippo et aliis rebus auctus honestatusque est, et Alexandra filio in disciplinam tradito maximam auctoritatem in regno promeruit.
64) used the text of the Vita Vergilii in its version minor, seeing that the so-called Donatus auctus was probably composed in the milieu of Sicco Polenton during the following century.
As first announced on January 24, 2011, Monster Offers had secured $10 Million in financing under an equity line of credit with Boston-based institutional investor, Auctus Private Equity Fund, LLC.