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As women, we must become audacious, and exude in the audacity of audaciousness
For any party to have the audaciousness to put forward conditions before these issues can be resolved is nothing short of treason.
150) The grounded audaciousness of the experiment embodies the against and beyond dyad that Dixon places at the core of another politics.
The proposed concept of operating the new chiller without a cooling tower is characterized by a remarkable audaciousness and originality.
The narrator's penchant for fighting is foolhardy, and Clausewitz embraces this audaciousness.
What might sound like audaciousness on the part of the writers feels more like they hadn't quite got a handle on Glendon Swarthout's source novel.
The audaciousness described by the motto also reminds us that the founding of Memorial University College was itself a bold act: the creation of the dominions first true institute of post-secondary education, one faced with opposition before its founding.
ller's words and actions appear to them as contradictory to this new style of openness and audaciousness.
One of the most flamboyant batsmen in history, Pietersen had injected some much-needed audaciousness into the England batting generally known for its dourness and an inability to take the opposition by the scruff of the neck when it was required.
On the contrary in this case, the minister has displayed an inexplicable tolerance which has fuelled the audaciousness of the union bosses.
Perhaps it's best just to follow Luparelli's lead, and approach the song with audaciousness, at least until such time as its subtlety, subtext and beauty can be appreciated for what they are, not what's projected onto them.
However, being able to bear the uncertainty of living in such life-threatening territory is also bearing witness to one's lived experience of audaciousness in facing death, divesting oneself of a crippling fear that clutches at the heart.