audi alteram partem

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Audi Alteram Partem

[Latin, hear the other side.] It embodies the concept in Criminal Law that no person should be condemned unheard; it is akin to due process. The notion that an individual, whose life, liberty, or property are in legal jeopardy, has the right to confront the evidence against him or her in a fair hearing is one of the fundamental principles of Constitutional Law in the United States and England.


Habeas Corpus.

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audi alteram partem

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In ancient times, democratic was founded on sine qua nons of honesty, merit (aret), nationalism, spirit of sacrifice, corruption-free public services, across-the-board military-civil accountability, audi alteram partem, truthfulness, practicing religion, and welfare of the masses.
Yet little attention has been paid to audi alteram partem, a principle of natural justice that compels us to 'hear the other side' to make a fair assessment of the facts at hand.
It seems clear that condemning individuals in circumstances of this sort violates the principles of natural justice, in particular audi alteram partem, the right to be heard.
He said the returning officers move was against principle of audi alteram partem as the consolidation of votes had taken place in absence of parties.