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2) La propia etimologia de la palabra auctoritas, que procede del verbo latino augere, que significa aumentar, pone de manifiesto lo que la autoridad conferia al poder, un plus de legitimidad que lo hacia mas digno y por tanto mas aceptable
Aircel won 8, Qualcomm won in 4 circles, Tikona in 5 circles and Augere won only 1 circle in Madhya Pradesh.
with Latin roots of Reficere, Reparare, Augere, Addere, and Superaddere.
Authority comes from the Latin word augere, which means "to increase," "to create," or "to make able to grow.
Interestingly, NEO gives OE iecan which it says is related to English eke but the entry also points out that the Latin form was augere.
De causis in quas solent campsores lucrum augere, fol.
deriva dal verbo latino augere, cioe far crescere, far prosperare, alimentare e, quasi alla lettera, aumentare" (96).
Telecom major Bharti Airtel has purchased 74 per cent stake in Augere Wireless, which possesses 4G spectrum in Madhya Pradesh, however did not reveal financial particulars of the deal.
According to sources, the Qubee, a Wimax broadband operator, has continued to cut jobs in its organization to restructure its business up to the current earning level after its parent company Augere Holdings has directed its subsidiary key officials to run the organization without foreign investment.
Fourth generation services ( 4G) is the latest entrant with Bharti Airtel already launching the services while Reliance Industries and companies like the UK- based Augere planning to roll out services by the end of this year or early next year.
Por eso, no es posible desligar este termino del conjunto de significaciones que su etimologia le conlleva: el termino autor esta relacionado con la palabra latina auctus, participio pasado del verbo augere, cuya red de significados se teje en torno a las nociones de desarrollo, progreso y acrecentamiento.