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But auctor is more than this because it also has links to augere, to cause to grow and increase, to augment.
Just as it appears his relationship with Augere is stable, a seemingly simple request causes unforeseen problems between them, and sets in motion events which ultimately reveal both long-hidden and recent secrets.
Newly planned Premium Corporate LTE by Augere will be capable of delivering speeds of up to 100Mbps per customer.
Karachi -- Augere Pakistan has emerged as the first national company to deploy Corporate LTE in 11 cities of the country, meeting high-speed connectivity and data transfer requirements of its corporate and SME clients.
Market leader Airtel had been preparing for such an eventuality for 20 months, acquiring smaller players such as Telenor and 4G spectrum or businesses from companies such as Videocon Telecom, Augere Wireless, Aircel and Tikona.
Bharti Airtel on Thursday has announced that it has purchased the remaining 26% stake in Augere Wireless for an undisclosed sum.
La autoridad, como Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) deja claro en el Leviatan, ya no es mas que una herramienta del poder y se sustrae de su conexion con el "hacer crecer" que transmite el augere de su etimologia y con la experiencia juridica anterior, que para el pensador ingles era incompatible con la nocion de soberania y habia coadyuvado en el estallido de la Revolucion inglesa.
Enimvero nihil praestantius, nihil memoratu dignius efficere potestis quam libertatem, vobis a dijs immortalibus tributam, augere, tueri et conservare.
Moreover, augere may be traced in the words augment and even the English words wax and eke.
Qubee is WiMax internet services Provider Company and owned by Augere.
La palabra proviene del verbo augeo,--es, auxi, auctum, augere, aumentar, con la idea de que un "autor" le aumenta algo al caudal linguistico de su idioma.
Apart from Reliance Jio, Tikona Digital, Airtel, Aircel and Augere Mauritius also won BWA spectrum in mid-2010.