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Table 1 Average Preoperative and Postoperative Outcome Scores, rTSA Patients with Augmented Baseplates SST Preop Augment Avg [+ or -] St Dev 4.
This success can be attributed to everyone involved in the clinical trial, especially the study investigators and coordinators; our R&D, regulatory and clinical teams; our partners and suppliers; and most importantly, the patients who participated in the landmark prospective, randomized study comparing Augment bone graft to autograft.
According to the company, Augment is the first clinically proven protein therapeutic to come to the U.
Implant sizes and augment size use can be predetermined, and the decision can be made of whether or not an aTSA or rTSA would be a better option.
For the small defect, the 3 mm step posterior augment glenoid conserves 25% more cancellous bone, 18% more cortical bone, and 23% more bone overall than that using eccentric reaming.
Augment has always thrived at improving how salespeople connect customers to their product offerings," said Jean-Francois Chianetta, the CEO of Augment.
Because Augment Bone Graft does not require harvesting autogenous bone graft, the patient is spared the pain associated with this procedure.
With its team of 30 experienced sales representatives, Surgical Specialties Pty Limited, an independent distributor of medical devices in the Australian and New Zealand orthobiologics space, is the exclusive distributor of BioMimetic's Augment Bone Graft product in Australia.
DiGiovanni is also chief of the division of foot and ankle surgery at Brown, and acted as lead investigator for the Augment Bone Graft North American pivotal trial designed to look at arthrodesis rates in hindfoot and ankle surgery when combined with Augment or autogenous bone graft.
At the meeting, the Company also provided updates on the status of the Augment Injectable North American pivotal study and the pilot trial evaluating Augment(TM) Rotator Cuff Graft in Canada.
We are pleased with the outcomes of both the 100 day meeting for Augment and the device designation for Augment Injectable," said Dr.
Further, Augment compared favorably to autograft with clinical healing rates of 87.