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noun accessio, accessory, accrual, accruement, accumulation, adding, advance, advancement, aggrandizement, amplificatio, amplification, appreciation, appurtenance, broadening, build-up, cumulative effect, development, enhancement, enlargement, enlarging, expansion, extension, gain, growth, increase, increasing, increment, intensification, magnification, progress, proliferation, rise, something added, spread, supplement, widening
Associated concepts: augmentation of assets, augmentation of estate
See also: accession, accretion, addition, additive, adjunct, advance, aggravation, boom, codicil, continuation, cumulation, enlargement, exaggeration, extension, growth, increase, increment, profit, progress, prosperity, reinforcement, rider

AUGMENTATION, old English law. The name of a court erected by Henry VIII., which was invested with the power of determining suits and controversies relating to monasteries and abbey lands.

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In cases where the man of middle life, in his acquired strength of will and purpose, and the old, in their state of natural exhaustion, find incessant augmentation of their bitter sorrow, a young man, surprised by the sudden appearance of misfortune, weakens himself in sighs, and groans, and tears, directly struggling with his grief, and is thereby far sooner overthrown by the inflexible enemy with whom he is engaged.
My father, however, whose temper was neither tranquil nor cheerful by nature, often unduly vexed himself with thinking of the sacrifices his dear wife had made for him; and troubled his head with revolving endless schemes for the augmentation of his little fortune, for her sake and ours.
Because female weight lifters have larger pectoral muscles and less body fat than most women, their breast augmentations require advanced knowledge of muscular tissue.
Buford has performed more than 4,000 breast-related procedures to date, including many augmentations for female body builders.
Patients say they want their “pre-baby” body back so offering tummy tucks and breast augmentations are great solutions to achieving that look.
The “Mommy-Make Over” procedure includes the choice of a QuickTuck[TM] Abdominoplasty or QuickBreast [TM] Augmentation.
Direct comparisons between pairs of augmentations (Table 1) showed that efficacy non-significantly favoured: lithium over AEDs; TCAs over lithium; AAPs over buspirone; AEDs over AAPs and buspirone; T3 over lithium, AAPs and buspirone; and CBT over AAPs and buspirone.
CBT was non-significantly superior to all other augmentations except T3.
Heinrich, he has been successfully offering breast augmentations with autologous stem cells to a broad public since early 2007.
Breast augmentations also known as breast lifts are performed in NuBody Concepts state of the art cosmetic surgery centers.
J conducts rapid recovery breast augmentation, buttock augmentations and lifts, and complete mommy makeover procedures for utterly beautiful and youthful results.

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