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Overall, on the basis of their semantic contribution and their prototypical morphological behaviour, diminutive and augmentative affixes in Bulgarian tend to display properties closer to derivation.
There is great diversity of Augmentative and Alternative communication systems used these days.
Lasker and Bedrosian (2001) described improved communicative effectiveness in an individual with acquired aphasia, using a voice output augmentative communication system.
Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) systems promote language skills, literacy and cognitive development;
Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is defined as a set of tools that allow families to express messages through different forms of nonverbal communication.
AACSpeechBuddy is a revolutionary new way of AAC Speech Set content management - making Augmentative and Alternative Communication easier than ever.
Word of Mouth is the National Year of Reading theme for October, which is also international Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Awareness month.
Words+ Inc was founded in September 1981 and the company pioneered the application of personal computers to augmentative communication.
Several of the AUGSs' characteristics make the related augmentative systems very flexible for different integration possibilities.
Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships-Canada, Toronto, ON.
Augmentative and alternative communication often supplements or replaces verbal speech (Schlosser & Sigafoos, 2006).
In addition, advances in producing sterile male fruit flies to short-circuit the breeding cycle and new biocontrols such as augmentative releases of parasitic wasps have led to less dependence on insecticides in fruit-producing states such as California and Florida.

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