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This will augur well for job creation as it shows that the government efforts in heavy lifting in investment activities in rural areas and the push to affordable housing is finally bearing fruit," SBI said in a report drafted by SBI's Economic Research Department.
Augur also wants to refurbish the lower floors of Lewis's in Ranelagh Street - including patching up the unfinished work behind in Lawton Street - so the building can be available for temporary uses while the long-term plans are developed.
Discovery cost less than $4 per ounce, with resource defined by Augur in a little over a year.
YOU'RE J CLICKED State of the art Aptus camera and augur buzzard LET Z US PREY Fish eagle swoops on its next meal GREEN 3 AND GONE A blue fronted Amazon parrot from back
Augur Software (formerly Eosoft Database Unlimited) has been building, installing and supporting custom Panorama databases for over ten years.
Augur challenged that assertion, saying her client was full of "fear and adrenaline" at the time of the altercation.
El senor Augur hizo investigaciones cientificas en Mexico durante ocho meses y estaba tan entusiasmado que pensaba quedarse a vivir entre nosotros.
Augur wasted no time speculating on the unusual aspects of her situation.
The retailer, which is owned by Icelandic investment group B augur, operates from five regional airports in the UK, along with its iconic flagship store on Regent Street, in central London.
These anniversary articles augur an exciting year for Financial Executive, and we hope you enjoy reading about these seminal events and issues and the part that FEI has played in reacting to or even molding them.
Establishing Shot," Christian Rattemeyer's first curatorial gambit at Artists Space, mined this definition to augur the gallery's forthcoming season through the work of ten artists who underscore the potential incompatibility between a work's formal structure and its thematic points of reference.