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Technology Developments Augurs Well for the Market II-15
With the dancers displaying garlands, this scene augurs the Garland Dance from The Sleeping Beauty.
From such omens the augurs could tell whether a new Caesar was likely to prosper, to augment his well-being and that of the state.
While reading your article "Pacific Warmth Augurs Weird Weather" (SN: 5/24/97, p.
And the current surge of low-cost startups like Valujet, Reno Air, and numerous lesser-knowns augurs a period of competitive brawls like those prompted by the likes of PeoplExpress over a decade ago.
Clandeboye, near Belfast, is being nurtured with an aspiration and flair that augurs well for Northern Ireland.
Shown in an adjacent space, Consumidor (Consumer, 1992-93) augurs the overcoming of such a notion.
The discovery abviously has positive implications, and hopefully augurs well for the prosepectivity of the basin as a whole.
The Seb Sanders-ridden colt was Makin's first juvenile runner of the season and his success augurs well for the rest of the team.
However, the coming together of people of all religions and of the main political parties in the cause of the dignity of life augurs well for the future.
We believe the operation success of Fairtax augurs well for the success of this endeavor as well.
Although the shift toward a single point of contact augurs well for the HIT platform market, complete IT platform adoption is not expected at this point.