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We welcome Bluff Point Associates and Augury Capital as new investors and are thrilled that iNovia Capital continues to believe in PEX Card's growth potential as much as we do," said Toffer Grant, Founder and CEO of PEX Card.
In those respects yes but in one, potentially premonitory way, it was also an historic one as five of the six matches were played on Friday night and one wonders if it was mere coincidence or an augury of things to come.
The rumble of thunder across September skies offers an augury of contrasts for the now and the future.
Doyle, of Kinkily, Augury, Co Wicklow, began dating Leona when she was seven months pregnant and the two moved in together in January 2005 and got engaged.
Whether he is the augury of a restored republic, as his yard signs proclaimed (he was the only candidate whose supporters declared him splendid in their grass), or a brilliant one-shot comet the fading of whose tail marks the end of liberty's last chance in the erstwhile land of the free is a good test of one's sanguinity.
It was a song that captured the feeling of that grey bleak moment perfectly, it scattered its doom-laden augury brilliantly, juxtaposed with a wildly inappropriate singalong chorus.
It is always possible that in the short run force will prevail, but certainly the scope of discontent is not a good augury for the future of the existing regime.
Clients can technically claim compensation if an augury turns out to be wrong.
The decision to continue the talks is a "good augury," he said.
Ehrlich is also working on Abuja Technology Village, masterplanned by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, which may prove a good augury for the creation of this new urban landmark.
On the other hand, if you sign up for Augury and Entropy, billed as 'thought provoking dance-theatre addressing displacement, home(land), climate change and endangered insects' then I bid you good luck, my friend.
Ma's failure to mention Japan in his inaugural speech last month, Turton added, ''Was an augury of the future -- a future that is now becoming the present.