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Then the author is telling us that the only solution to the sister Aurora problem is to kill her?
Among the solar system's auroras, the dancing lights that paint Saturn's skies show a distinct style.
As the plasma circulates within the magnetosphere, it generates one key ingredient for aurora formation: high-energy electrons (negatively charged particles).
Aurora Metals, a division of Aurora Industries, was founded in 1899 to cast pistons for locomotive engines.
During its 92-year involvement with the foundry business, the Aurora Metals Division of Aurora Industries has kept its formula for success simple: adopt or develop innovative technology and use it to meet customer needs.
Herbert and Sandel say the actual auroral zones are the only two stable features (besides the unexplained aurora at 30 degrees north, 320 degrees west) that show up in all the computer analyzes of the UV data obtained as Voyager 2 flew past Uranus.
Other evidence, such as the ratio of the 1,304-angstrom brightness to that of another oxygen emission at 1,356 angstroms, indicated not only that the patches were real, but that they seemed to represent signs of an aurora.