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If I could be sure beforehand that these pages would only be read by persons actually occupied in the making of love--that oldest and longest-established of all branches of manufacturing industry--I could go into some very tender and interesting particulars on the subject of my first day's fishing, under the adorable auspices of Alicia.
Under such auspices and such marvelous conditions of existence, it appears to me that the inhabitants of so fortunate a world must be in every respect superior to ourselves.
His first marriage with the daughter of the noble Binkie had been made under the auspices of his parents; and as he often told Lady Crawley in her lifetime she was such a confounded quarrelsome high-bred jade that when she died he was hanged if he would ever take another of her sort, at her ladyship's demise he kept his promise, and selected for a second wife Miss Rose Dawson, daughter of Mr.
To meet you under such pleasant auspices and to have the opportunity of a personal observation of your work is indeed most gratifying.
Let me take this opportunity of congratulating you most heartily and sincerely upon the great success of the exercises provided for and entertainment furnished us under your auspices during our visit to Tuskegee.
But, in a moment of so many serious and important duties, this single act of juvenile fortitude did not attract the general notice and commendation it would have received under milder auspices.
Chanticleer and his family had already been transported thither, where the two hens had forthwith begun an indefatigable process of egg-laying, with an evident design, as a matter of duty and conscience, to continue their illustrious breed under better auspices than for a century past.
Greek ambassador and legal representative in The Hague Georgios Savaidis said that the application of Macedonia against Greece before the International Court of Justice was a politically motivated plan to shun the negotiations under the auspice of the UN.
PSM is based on a reliable architecture combination of Auspice TLX and Sun Microsystems.
1989) were able to show that the industry has expanded and that centers can now be grouped into three auspice models, data for two of these are reported here.
Auspice Corporation, the leading provider of real-time operations automation and network service assurance solutions for communications service providers, today announced the launch of OpsLogic([R]) FieldView.
Auspice Corporation, the leading provider of real-time operations automation and network service assurance solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide, has recently expanded its operations into the Central and Latin American region and Europe with the opening of its new regional sales offices in Mexico City, Mexico and Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland.