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I29, 29A unpacks in detail a variety of prescribed behaviors for optimizing a married woman's auspiciousness and capacity to bear the most important kind of fruit, namely the sons who will save her husband from the eternal death of preta-hood.
One probably should not make much of another 1976 publication that served to indicate the auspiciousness of the moment.
In the mood of the New Year and for the sake of auspiciousness, shopkeepers usually grasped the Caishen slip in haste, and threw a few copper coins to the beggar.
Universally popular as the god of auspiciousness and good fortune, images of Ganesha are found throughout Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain art.
In a passage of rather contrived auspiciousness that refers back to the scene in Portrait, for example, Joyce admonishes him to have confidence in his own powers: "The English language / belongs to us.
Gold has traditionally been a popular investment in China, where the color yellow signifies royalty and auspiciousness.
The position of the motif at the entrance of the shrine, thereby indicating its auspiciousness and emblematic of a purna-ghata or full vase and hence of life (praana) itself would have been perhaps more relevant and enlightening.
com, the auspiciousness of the timing of this launch, and the seamlessness of the process for international customers.
Ethical behavior serves as a corrective to address pass wrongs and as a way of forging new pathways in the present to guarantee future states of auspiciousness.
The very first auspiciousness that the Buddha pointed out to us was not to keep fool as our friend.
For their appearance at CragRats, the dancers will be performing their fascinating Mangalamplay, using traditional dancing, storytelling and music to bring "that feeling of auspiciousness when everything is right in your world - you can achieve anything and are at peace with everyone".
This chapter neatly summarizes views on caste, varna and jat, purity, auspiciousness and marginality and how these concepts are embedded in the anthropology of the Hindu caste system in Nepal.