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As austere it may perhaps be," replied our Don Quixote, "but so necessary for the world I am very much inclined to doubt.
Go back and see if you have shut the door tight, and then lock it," said Miss Miranda, in her usual austere manner.
He was austere with himself; drank gin when he was alone, to mortify a taste for vintages; and though he enjoyed the theater, had not crossed the doors of one for twenty years.
Milady's supper was brought in, and she was found deeply engaged in saying her prayers aloud--prayers which she had learned of an old servant of her second husband, a most austere Puritan.
you played the austere, the insensible in the presence of an Aphrodite so exquisite?
This was a man of scarcely thirty years of age, handsome, tall, austere, or rather melancholy, in all his gestures and looks.
Although no official document on the 2018 Finance Law has reached the organisation, this position is a response to "information about the austere measures that will be taken by the government," FTDES said in a press release Thursday.
Is Not Gallery in Nicosia will put on a group exhibition under the name Cheap Art -- Lush Art in Austere Times as of tomorrow.
I do have a problem with providing everywhere with a Christmas tree and lights in these austere times.
Double tarrif' payouts - page 6) MOST people will find it astonishing that, despite the austere times in which we live, the National Assembly thinks it acceptable to offer staff redundancy terms equivalent to two months' pay for each year of completed service.
In light of this coarse division, there can be only the following three exhaustive categories of nominalism: relational and austere nominalism (which are the two exclusive and exhaustive forms of nonconstituent nominalism), and constituent nominalism (1).
Mr Underhill, who was second-in-charge in the Sarah Payne child murder case, said: "The police family in Dorset is living in austere times with a shrinking budget and workforce.