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magazine to promote autarchic cooking among middle-class Italian women.
But absent perversion, the United States will soon export more energy than it imports, a better state than any autarchic "independence.
Although the Soviet-Yugoslavian and Soviet-Albanian political split did maintain the general line of autarchic and centralized industrial development in the two countries, it nevertheless stamped its mark on the Balkan space.
This new textile, a product of the autarchic Fascist policies, resulted in shoddy clothes which offered little protection against frigid temperatures while wearing out easily.
To read Nightmare is to witness an undemocratic project, and it is not hard to imagine why those involved would prefer the equidistant responsibilities of Waking Up, with its leader relinquishing his autarchic grip.
Although reliable figures are unavailable, Eritrea is highly autarchic.
These states feared that it would present a barrier to international cooperation regarding the use and management of natural resources and promote an autarchic conception of such sovereignty.
This label has activated in the collective imaginary the picture of the communist structure, autarchic, the image of the unique leader under whose authority it carried out a pyramid of subordinates, the subjects handy.
It is the representative function of the Ramallah government vis-a-vis the international community that creates the illusion of the "real thing", while the Gaza Strip's existence as an autarchic geographic entity renders it easy for the Gaza government to pass for sovereign.
Finally, there is the TOKYO woman, who chooses compact almost autarchic fabrics for volumes with a certain consis tency.
For a better understanding of the state's current situation in the new international context and its interdependencies with the transnational organizations, one should comprehend the three-stage process of the state transformation and adaptation: at the political level, from a subjects' state to a citizens' state; at the economic level, from an autarchic state to an interdependent state; at the symbolic level, from a state in charge with providing physical security to a state in charge with providing its citizens' economic and social security.
These changes allowed tackling the accumulated delay of the Spanish research in comparison to the academic areas of reference (the US of course, but also the countries of Western Europe and Latin America) and above all the very dogmatic and autarchic attitudes that in previous decades favoured such crazy acts as the fascism-inspired Spanish doctrine of information (Moragas, 1981: 224-225).