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existed before euro inception, so we also assume financial autarky for Asia and the U.
The outside option for the agent is autarky, with value [OMEGA](a) as derived previously.
e] is the Equivalent Autarky Equilibrium endowments vector and p, u the price vector and utility level, respectively, as in the trade equilibrium.
These countries might have switched over from an autarky cycle of consumption driven development to a virtuous cycle induced by investment during the period of transition while growing economies have stuck to an autarky cycle.
Moreover, in The Closed Commercial State (Der geschlossne Handelsstaat) Fichte advocated national autarky.
Al-Shabaab justifies its brutal behavior with a deeply twisted ideology that combines a crude distortion of Islam with a Khmer Rouge-style embrace of radical agrarian-based autarky and murderous contempt for those with formal education.
Rundle develops this further in chapter four, "Translation and Cultural Autarky," showing how, especially after the mid 30s, translation ceased to represent a cultural problem and became a political one.
The hostility to economic liberalism (identified with "Jewish capitalism"), unenlightened militarism, and a counterproductive autarky were causes of the regime's dismal economic record.
More importantly, China abandoned economic autarky three decades ago.
explores the gender politics of Spain's Franco dictatorship, focusing on the interplay between the metaphorical use of gender imagery in the political discourse of the "nation" and the ways that attempts to discipline and control women's bodies were an essential part of the (Foucauldian) "bio-power" deployed by the Franco regime as Spain shifted from autarky to consumerism in the 1950s and 1960s.