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Cyber-SIGN Authenticate for Adobe Acrobat allows a handwritten signature to be included as an electronic signature in any PDF file, utilizing the signature handling and management features that are built into Acrobat.
Conducted in 2005, the pilot enabled law enforcement, retailers and the Nebraska DMV to inspect and authenticate Nebraska driver licenses secured with digital watermarking-based security features.
Using BioPassword to monitor and authenticate users, organizations can quickly and cost-effectively implement secure access, comply with regulatory requirements, and reduce the risks of fraud.
the only software company providing secure authentication and anti-fraud solutions based on the behavioral biometric of keystroke dynamics, today announced the industry's first multifactor authentication software solution that authenticates users and reduces fraud over the Internet.
The Company authenticates and grades collectible coins, sports cards, autographs, stamps currency, diamonds and colored gemstones.
SPF authenticates e-mail by comparing the IP address of the e-mail server that sent the message, against a list of approved IP addresses published in the DNS record of the sender in the "From:" address.
The Company reports the number of units which it authenticates, grades and ships, on a quarterly basis, for coins, sports cards, currency, autographs, stamps, diamonds and colored gemstones, which comprise its principal authentication and grading markets.

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