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The company therefore cannot easily demonstrate why the suspected unauthenticated transactions differ from all authenticated transactions -- at least not by using its customary transaction records.
Sendmail is the leading global provider of trusted messaging for clean, compliant, secure and authenticated communications.
4's new package of software interfaces streamline the operation of software tokens, smart cards, and USB tokens with various CRYPTOCard-protected services, such as Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) Windows Domain Login, VPN access, and web site access to make "One-PIN-and-You're-In" authenticated system access simpler than ever before for both users and administrators.
Meta IP with SAFE DHCP makes it simple for corporate networks to first identify computers and, once authenticated, allow them access to the network.
The SSISearch Global Directory is a banking industry initiative to create a single source of highly accurate contact information and fully authenticated standard settlement instructions to help reduce settlement risk and improve Straight Through Processing (STP).
SSISearch is in the management of authenticated reference data and provides end-to-end automation of the SSI management process, eliminating paper administration and addressing a major source of inefficiency in the payments environment.
4 for OS X provides simple and secure LAN, Web, and remote authenticated access by coupling something in the user's possession (a smart card or token), with something the user knows (their PIN).
3 For Linux At LinuxWorld Germany: Provides First "One-PIN-And-You're-In" Authenticated Desktop, VPN, And Web Server Access For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Or 4 And SuSE Linux Enterprise 9
It is always recommended to use authenticated cells direct from seed stock as supplied by ATCC to ensure best results.