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Chapter 4 shows how authoritarian institutions can ease relations among elites by helping the ruling coalition monitor the dictator's promises to share power.
On the contrary, the Chinese authoritarian system still enjoys a high level of popular support.
8) Because parties and legislatures are so important in extending the longevity of regimes, of the 236 authoritarian regimes in power from 1946 to 2009, only four used neither a party nor a legislature during their tenures.
Institutionalized authoritarian rule in the Arab states led prominent scholars to suggest that some aspects of democratic practices ran against deeply held values of the sanctified major religion and traditions in the Arab World.
The researchers additionally found that men are more authoritarian than women when there are lower levels of gender inequality.
In this article we aim to bridge these parallel conversations by arguing that state power is the strongest institutional foundation for authoritarian regimes' staying power.
The idea that the only alternative to authoritarian regimes is [Osama] Bin Laden and co.
Coercive authoritarian leadership uses force to maintain control.
Even where such structures existed, authoritative and generally authoritarian states that overrode such institutions usually preceded the democratization of those states.
In the South is a global, high-tech economic power of 38 million people, which threw off authoritarian and military rule during the 1980s, and is establishing an increasingly self-confident and vibrant democracy.
Images of Iraqis, Palestinians, and Afghans casting ballots, not to mention the "flower revolutions" in the republics of the former Soviet Union that toppled corrupt authoritarian regimes, have been beamed into millions of homes by Al-Jazeera and the other Arab satellite channels--an ironic twist, given how often these networks have been vilified in Washington as little more than propaganda mouthpieces for Hussein and Osama bin Laden.
A negative relationship was found for authoritarian parenting and level of student self-regulated learning.