authoritative decision

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The cmms application is used to analyse operations and defect data to provide authoritative decision support to enhance reliability of equipment/system and combat worthiness of platform.
I would say it's an authoritative decision because Sweden and the U.
These end with an authoritative decision, in accordance with pre-established rules, for victory, punishment, compensation, or dismissal of the case.
It is possible that at this point [the 5th Circuit] could say, 'Whatever we say, the authoritative decision is going to come not too much later than we would rule anyway.
Delays in authoritative decision making in the industry whether due to lack of authority or unclear mandate has caused delays in deployment of new services in the telecoms space," said Kore.
But Manning has a 5-4 edge in the past nine meetings, which includes a remarkable comeback victory with the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship in 2006 and an authoritative decision with the Broncos in the AFC Championship in 2013.
He added: "We cannot give an authoritative decision on whose remains were discovered.
The lack of an international reaction to this legally authoritative decision encouraged Israel to continue violating international law, including all those issues discussed in the Advisory Opinion.
University governance refers to the structure and process of authoritative decision making across issues that are significant for external and internal stakeholders within a university.
A solemn teaching of the magisterium, she says, is true, but it still needs some sort of ratification by the "Church of Christ": "'The assent of the faithful is the ultimate indication that the Church's authoritative decision in a matter of faith has been truly preserved from error by the Holy Spirit'" (p.
They ignored the processes of authoritative decision and effective power which impacted all changes in rules and procedures.
38) Law can coordinate behavior effectively only if people follow the authoritative decision maker's decision even though they would have arrived at a different decision were they to consider the same factors the decision maker did.