authoritative estimate

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During Gaddafi's rule an unknown number of Libyans were executed for offences deemed a threat to the state, but there is as yet no authoritative estimate of the number, lawyers say.
The savings from the potential nicking of red tape, according to one authoritative estimate, would amount to about $1.
The authorities have not yet given us any kind of authoritative estimate of casualties.
The lack of an authoritative estimate of the total number of nuclear weapons attests to the need for greater transparency.
According to the Times, the GAO report provides the first authoritative estimate of the extent of data mining by the government.
3 million hectares per year, and until now that figure has stood as the most authoritative estimate of tropical forest loss.
The eight-state, 12-year study produced the most authoritative estimates to date of price premiums for U.
The team analyzed almost 22,000 sales of homes--nearly 4,000 of which contained PV systems, in eight states from 2002-13--producing the most authoritative estimates to date of price premiums for U.
Despite the availability of free and simple checks, authoritative estimates suggest around half of atrial fibrillation patients - the most common heart rhythm disorder - remain undetected," said Arrhythmia Alliance founder and trustee Trudie Lobban.
Because categorisation is so difficult, there are no authoritative estimates of the size or direction of the niche drinks market.
But even that sum pales into insignificance compared with unofficial but authoritative estimates that Purseglove pocketed up to pounds 15 million from his piracy.
Valuable though these are, it is noticeable how few of them are able to provide authoritative estimates of the scale of problem.