authoritative opinion

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The report analyzes several aspects affecting a company's content marketing strategy, including consumer research into buying habits, authoritative opinion on mass brand exposure, studies on consumer content consumption, analysis of where consumers receive news media, and online consumer reaction to paid advertising.
Their clash symbolizes "a type of free-thinking versus the authoritative opinion of the state," said Parviz Barati, an author of books on Iranian culture and commentator for the daily Sharq.
There were very few topics on which he could not provide an authoritative opinion and he always gave a different and an interesting point of view.
I think it is, said Advocate General Christine Stix-Hackl, whose position and authoritative opinion normally gives rise to a subsequent line of agreement at the ECJ, in June 2004.
Seeking an authoritative opinion on this matter, I put a call through to Sir Mark Question, the Minister for Interrogative Affairs, and outlined the dilemma to him.
Under these circumstances, the Association of MBAs provides an authoritative opinion about the postgraduate management education market.
An absolutely authoritative opinion is much more powerful than a judgment because the opinion operates with the generality and prospectivity of a statute.
Check with your accountant for an authoritative opinion.
This time in Washington, the heart of the beast, the capital of a country where support for the war in Iraq has now slipped to only 32 per cent of the population according to authoritative opinion polls.
Of course there is no conflict of interest here; I was not working for Anthony Rota, and it was his responsibility to his client to secure an authoritative opinion as to the perhaps sensational and lucrative authorship of the manuscript.
Questioning authoritative opinion and taking responsibility for our health is central to Age Power.
Neither the researcher nor the Research Foundation can issue an authoritative opinion on tax, legal or financial matters, however.