authoritative power

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Finally, even though the Murano boasts a far more authoritative power platform, it still matches the Lexus NX in terms of highway fuel economy, with an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated rating of 28 mpg.
Karachi -- Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on Tuesday demonstrated its authoritative power in an unique manner against Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) to express outrage over electricity closure.
Instead, the party lists the following ideas: abolish education-related departments in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; limit the central government's authority on education and transfer much of the authoritative power to local governments; and eventually do away with the school textbook screening system.
The guru is also sought for advice and guidance quite in addition to matters of the spirit, and often functions in a role roughly similar to that of a counselor, although with much authoritative power.
Behavior is adjusted because of rules and limits, which are imposed and monitored by an authoritative power.
His 76 came off 80 balls and the fact that only three of his 13 fours came off the front foot is as much a comment on some poor bowling as his own authoritative power.
Perry finds in the mad character Trouble-all, whose obsession with the authority of Justice Adam Overdo makes him unwilling to perform the least action without that character's formal warrant, a fitting emblem for Foucauldian man, the remotest reaches of whose life are said to be suffused with and determined by the invisible network of authoritative power.
Like a zealous evangelical colonial passing out Bibles, certain of the authoritative power of the book, the editors and cookbook authors of the postwar United States published text after text which handed down the ten commandments of gender.
The Problem of Authoritative Power in Lebanese Politics: Why Consociationalism Failed.
Individual, authoritative power structures within KACH were divided, literally and figuratively, by steel-reinforced concrete walls.
In his speech, Al-Sisi referred to the elections as the last merit needed in Egypt's roadmap, and that the upcoming parliament will be an authoritative power to draft the laws needed to complete the constitution.
Those seeking greater passenger volume and more authoritative power numbers, meanwhile, might prefer the 2015 VW Passat.