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We are the subjects-in-writing-process that through a collective authorless authorship allow for a place of resistance to the machinery of demands for clearly outlining the contributions outputs--of each author.
I realised folk music is essentially authorless and thus the individual becomes insignificant in the holistic rendition of music.
Job printing, as she sees it, is not only authorless but also readerless; when we use these items, we are unaware of ourselves as reading them.
For the public, site-specific mapping performance challenges the hegemony of authorless, neoliberal civic maps through the collaborative creation of performative maps that disidentify with this civic strategy, through a performance that may situate itself "beside" hegemonic forms that so often limit the potential impact of theatre to represent this civic territory.
A quarter of a century on, Hershel Parker would voice his own frustration at "the persistent tendency to treat any literary text as a verbal icon, a unique, perfect, and essentially authorless entity.
The difficulty, or perhaps more accurately, the incongruity, of fitting authorless works into a legislative scheme requiring authors was recognised by the CLRC (141) and by Gummow, Hayne and Heydon JJ in IceTV.
Religion (as distinct from theology) amounts, for Lupton, to the "constitutive incompletion of collective life" (127), a political remainder she associates, not with the absorptive demands of biopower, but a creatural vitalism that haunts and animates the social domain as a system, and which can be traced across the Shakespearean oeuvre, from the performative surplus of Kate's "wifeliness" in Taming of the Shrew to the ambient, authorless voices that course through Caliban's island.
The, for a long time authorless, cycle of bomb blasts, as exemplified by the explosions on Mumbai's commuter trains in July 2006, conversely, seems to resemble the notion and sensation of rupture that the Partition acted as a vessel for.
It is possible to argue quite the opposite position: that this poem is not at all "Tennysonian"-not the individualized voice of a Poet Laureate at all but an attempt to reach back to the anonymity of folk poetry, a boundless, authorless place where there is freedom to explore both the breaking and the reinstating of social bounds.
The temptation to leave the body behind in light of automated expression and coded sensation, authorless productivity, and stunning extremes of simulation, proves enticing but misleading.
Authorless, each typewriter is fed by fragments of memories that leap upwards from a messy heap on the ground.
John Quiggin (2006) underscores the difficulty of making authorial attributions in digital authorship by invoking wilds: "The authorless nature of wikis creates obvious problems for theories of intellectual property based on the assumption that creative work is, in its origins, the product of individual effort" (p.