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In other words, what if minority were writ large, assuming the form of the island itself, alive with its incorporative but authorless voices?
It may be an old one (it's the sort of thing that goes around authorless on the internet) but it bears repeating so forgive me if it's old hat.
a result, belongs to the religion, not to the teller; authorless, the
PolyMVA is an anti-cancer nutrient with only one reported and authorless mouse study.
Such authorless, audienceless texts possessed of meaning are
Barthes implies that prior to the modern period, there was no author, only a performer of an authorless narrative code; this situation persists in what he terms "ethnographic societies.
Conscience is perhaps inevitably personal; by depersonalizing it, by attaching it to an institution (court) or an abstraction (equity), or by leaving it completely autonomous and decontextualized, judges can reinforce the impression that conscience is part of what Gallagher calls "the authorless, objective order of things", (258) but without acknowledging the challenges that such a position entails--for example, that it implies some kind of "natural law".
His call for more teamwork, more concern for use, for an authorless architecture and his notion that sprawl is not chaos but a new mega-shape and the single family house a critical piece of urban form, among other things, puts lie to so much that are givens in contemporary discourse.
Indeed, Yolngu have likened books to paintings, and regard ceremony as `an authorless text in which participants and observers can read their ancestral history with its patterns of relationships and events coming to life .
Much of "Good Old History" presented itself as though it were an authorless, self-generated chronicle: "what really happened.
According to Tracy Mishkin's introduction, this volume aims to recuperate the value of literary "influence study" from its negative connotations - the notion that it is out-of-date, having been supplanted by authorless intertextuality, and the notion that anxiety and conflict are the primary modes of literary influence.
The West seems set in a misanthropic mode that bates the narrative breath in an attempt to produce authorless texts, while the Majority World values the individual but is highly critical of elitist self-consciousness.