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Hence, the autographic troubles genre boundaries (Davis
The first category of this exhibition, "Significant Gestures," explores the autographic mark, executed in sweeping strokes of brilliantly colored paint that became the expressive vehicle for Francis, Hofmann and Kline, as well as Philip Guston and Joan Mitchell.
The Prologue to John seems to have been popular, as were common prayers, names of God, autographic spells like Christ's letter to Abgar, and the ad hoc magical legends called historiolae, which described supernatural figures dealing with problems analogous to those of current concern.
10) Milton executed this autographic ritual in an album for Dr Christopher Arnold, Professor of History at Nuremberg, on November 19, 1651, and, again, for the Swiss minister John Zollikofer, on September 26, 1656 (CE XVIII.
The 1922 model boasted aluminium bodywork resplendent in 27 coats of paint and it included such unlikely extras as a gradient meter, a compass and a 1-A Junior Autographic Kodak camera
On the first page of the autographic code in the Vatican we find the original title: "Francisci Petrarche laureati poete Rerum vulgarium fragmenta.
Of the utmost value in these notes is the editor's successful deciphering and explanation of Ghezzi's scribbled autographic captions, which frame the bottoms of most drawings.
But, Genette notes, allographic arts like the latter two, though they depend on performance or on reproduction through such things as the printing press for their execution, originate in the "ideal object of immanence," the result of the unique autographic act of writing a novel or composing a score (Immamnence 17).
The eight Americans on the expedition are still looking for Irvine - and for the two Kodak Autographic "vest pocket" cameras which could contain the proof that they reached the summit.
Here one finds an alphabetical listing of 173 compositions by Still that features concordant titles, dates and provenance, dedications, co-authors, movements, medium, instrumentation, autographic and holographic information, duration, first performance, selected performances, and a bibliography for each work (mostly excerpts from reviews).
A book devoted to an exhibition of literary manuscripts thus offers its reader a poignant possibility - the experience not of the autographic itself but of its semblance.
Roughan joins ACA from United Autographic Register Co.