automatic reaction

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Defending the downing of the warplane on Tuesday, Erdogan said Turkey did not destroy it on purpose, saying it was nothing but an automatic reaction to a border breach, an exercise of the rules of engagement.
It all happened so quick, it was my automatic reaction with me being a care assistant and a mother, instinct took over.
I felt shocked, I just remember my heart started pounding and my automatic reaction was to run.
It has also been suggested pareidolia is at play - the brain's autth faat automatic reaction to trick the eye into seeing faces and familiar objects such as animal shapes in patterns, textures or clouds.
I love refereeing and I love football but it's an automatic reaction.
But if you live a few minutes' drive from the shop and you go home and realise you've forgotten to pick up a bottle of milk, it's an automatic reaction to pop back there.
Those of us plagued by lumbar problems know that when your back goes the automatic reaction is to lie as still as possible.
However, Tomic and his lawyer dismissed Drouet claims, stating that it was in fact the Frenchman who was the aggressor and asked Tomic to go for a walk before lashing out at him, with Tomic claiming that he accidentally headbutted the Frenchman as he grabbed his shoulders in an automatic reaction of self-defence.
Regardless of the insult to Islam, such automatic reaction to any anti-Islamic activity anywhere in the world, means that worldwide violence by Muslims can be triggered by people who have a deep loathing for Islam.
I reject the knee-jerk automatic reaction many people have to the issue of health and safety, naturally this should be taken seriously, but it should not be used as a blanket response to stop anything we think is too much bother and its use should be proportionate, in this case it is not.
He admitted "lightly slapping" her as she bit him but said it was an automatic reaction.
However, they will also be aware that no matter what documents ministers ask trusts to consider, when budgets are cut the automatic reaction is to reduce preventative services.

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