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President of NULGE Comrade Ibrahim Khaleel gave this explanation to dispel the speculation going on that the states houses of assembly might have rejected local government autonomy, based on the transmission of some bills that have already been considered by the states houses to the National Assembly on Thursday.
As back as 1952 maximum autonomy as per Article 370 of the Constitution was granted to J&K.
It is a big possibility that the moment our Constitution is amended to achieve [federalism] and we have not attained autonomy, the provisions of Section 15, Article X of the 1987 Constitution which has given us the opportunity to become autonomous, will be deleted,' Domogan said in his state of the region address and economic briefing that were given on July 7.
The realization of autonomy in the Cordillera will not be for the present generation but for the future generations, but efforts must be done by the present generation so that our children and our childrens children will not blame us for failing to work for it and grab the opportunity granted to us by the Constitution, he stressed.
The idea of autonomy is historically bound up with the quest to express and give meaning to human development and potential.
Part I critically reviews two recent, tour-de-force criticisms of sexual autonomy: Jed Rubenfeld's The Riddle of Rape-by-Deception and the Myth of Sexual Autonomy and Marc Spindelman's Sexuality's Law.
On the five-point autonomy scales, women scored lowest on economic (1.
Individual autonomy does, nevertheless, signify some form of self-directing freedom and moral independence--a status that separates us from others.
Autonomy founder Michael Lynch has denied any wrongdoing.
In organizations, autonomy is generally viewed as one condition that can increase both employee motivation and satisfaction (Dwyer, Schwartz, & Fox, 1992).
Philosophers sometimes fall into the trap of describing mental disorder as a clear-cut case where autonomy is lacking; they sometimes even talk about 'the insane' as a philosophical category.
20, 2012, HP accused Autonomy of misrepresenting itself during the $11.

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