avail oneself of

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For non-devotees, the yearly frenzy during Traslacion may seem fanatical, or even irrational, but behavioral experts link the phenomenon to many Filipinos' interpretation of suffering like Christ, "of doing something to avail oneself of His mercy.
4) If one is not qualified to avail oneself of the services of the Public Attorney's Office, the local chapter of the Integrated Bar shall provide the needed legal assistance.
And the beautiful nature of Cyprus in spring will revitalise and relax you," suggest organisers, who promise that the next five weeks is the perfect opportunity to avail oneself of an opportunity to become "acquainted or reacquainted with the island's rich flora and fauna and it's unique geology".
Based on the current state of the law, it is critical for a party to avail oneself of the opportunity to challenge the legal sufficiency of a proposal for settlement at the proper time to avoid being bound by the law of the case.
Even though we cannot say that the [intended] wall along Turkey's Syrian border will definitely violate this right, it will make it hard for one to avail oneself of this right," Ecorabatyr said.
To be called an immigrant in the United States, or any other country for that matter, one has to avail oneself of the legal process of immigration and its requirements.