available facts

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Swedish researchers Susanne Dodillet and Petra Ostergren found that Sweden's claims "do not appear to be supported by the available facts or research.
Nexus says QCS is legal and based on the best available facts and figures.
The best you can do is piece together the available facts and hope everyone learned something important.
In order to provide more readily available facts to the public, West Side Acura has taken measures to ensure reviews of different types of vehicles are available on its website.
Based on expert opinions and available facts, FIFA has no legal grounds to take away the hosting of the World Cup events from Russia and Qatar.
I understand this means a longer wait for them, but I can give an assurance that the review is taking care to thoroughly establish all the available facts, including detailed interviews with staff from all agencies who had any contact with that child and their family.
After a quite lengthy discussion, in which they looked at all of the available facts, the different considerations, and the different perspectives, what they reached was a consensus, that the situation had increased in seriousness and their concern about the situation had also increased in terms of urgency.
People deserve to have the available facts ahead of making one of the most important political decisions in the history of our union.
Tony Benn's hopeless idealism and trust in those he believed in, his misintepretation of the available facts, his inability to understand opposing points of view and, above all, his underestimation of the voters shine clearly through his dogged accounts of meetings and conferences that, but for him, would be long forgotten.
He said that decision to return to Geneva is still under study, adding that the Syrian leadership will take the decision in light of the available facts.
The finance minister said the investigating agencies should tread carefully before it reaches the conclusion that a business or commercial decision taken on the basis of available facts, amounts to a crime.
I am satisfied that the investigation was thorough, professional and that the correct decision has been reached based on the available facts.