available means

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Infadoos and the chiefs, however, were of opinion that no attack would take place that day, which would be devoted to preparation and to the removal of every available means of the moral effect produced upon the minds of the soldiery by the supposed magical darkening of the moon.
One of the available means of amusement, of which Phoebe made the most in Clifford's behalf, was that feathered society, the hens, a breed of whom, as we have already said, was an immemorial heirloom in the Pyncheon family.
Lebanon will counter these Israeli claims by diplomatic means, while asserting its right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity by all the available means," the President added.
PRRD's paramount concern is the security of our people especially the Mindanaoans in the face of threats and the use of available means under the law to fight them,' he added.
Get Mr Morgan, who was raised in Rhyl and went to school in Colwyn Bay, has had a home on the island of Antigua for many years and yesterday called on the international community, and those with the available means, to come to the island's assistance as a matter of urgency.
The range of takeaway options available means there really is something for everyone, from dietary requirements to time of day.
The huge choice of models in the collection and the three different sizes that are available means everyone can find the perfect timepiece for them.
The source explained that "Ahrar Bloc is still sticking to the release of prisoners of the Sadrist movement and include them to the amnesty law, in various ways and available means, which other blocs of the national alliance reject , which see the release of prisoners of the Sadrist movement / convicts in accordance with Article 4 terrorism / in the amnesty law means practically release more terrorists convicted under the same article.
AMMAN, Aug 7 (KUNA) -- Two Kuwaiti academics stressed Sunday the importance of using all available means of communication and Information Technologies in the educational process.
The conference, entitled Rumor and Media, included three panel discussions, notably the role of government and private agencies in the Sultanate, the available means to counter the rumor and its impact on the media and the society, as well as the role of social media in spreading the rumor and countering it.
The Army Chief said that all available means must be utilized to improve the operational capability of the Army to effectively respond to full spectrum of threat.