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In A Mercy, the Euro-American characters' hope for advancement and liberation from loss,isolation, poverty, and humiliation is infected by increasing avariciousness and white supremacy.
Salustio turns the ethnic cliches on their head in asserting that her avariciousness equates to practical domestic economy, allowing her to live and help support her son's education on a limited income.
He was convinced that the avariciousness of the middle-class gerontocracy, controlling society for the sake of its members' own self-centered desires, was destroying the country's youth and, thus, nullifying any hope of a better future.
Rowe's marginal avariciousness is starkly conspicuous when
Not because capitalism promoted vice -- one hears little about avariciousness or consumerism from Kristol (though Bell never characterized consumerism as vice, the disapproval in his tone was palpable).
At first glance the juxtaposition of these ideas seems jarring; we are shown the highest reaches of divine vision -- the profoundly sacred nature of the world and all that inhabits it -- only to be reminded to keep avariciousness in check
Are there in the nineteenth-century novel no wasted lives, no massacre of the innocents, no hopelessness, no blatant hypocrisy, no unscrupulous exercise of power, no avariciousness, nothing even remotely resembling the personal lives men lead in our century?
Connect such acts to former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski's greediness in politics; Ivan Boesky's avariciousness on Wall Street; Ollie North's prevarications regarding the Iran Contras; Howard Stem's meteoric elevation from obscene broadcaster to best-selling author (Private Parts) to politics; "Natural Born Killers" and "Pulp Fiction" as Academy Award contenders; and it becomes clear that the songs we sing in this era are represented validly by the ear-splitting gangsta rappers screaming about "bitches" and "ho's" in the cars revving their motors at any traffic light on Main Street.
Later he got down to questioning me about the avariciousness of Jews and the length of their noses.
Known for his avariciousness and nepotism and hated by his own clergy, he, too, was forced to flee the city, only to return a year later under imperial order.
In his conception of Shakespeare's Jew, Kean raised Shylock above fierce avariciousness, to endow him with dignity and justification--in other words, to make him a tragic figure.
More significantly, his brazen avariciousness plausibly narrows Rose's marital prospects as, in a blatantly sexual innuendo, a departing bachelor shouts back: "I hope you'll have as good luck selling your cherries next year" (p.