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LOOKING OVER THE NOSE OF HIS TBM-3E AVENGER TORPE BOMBER, Lieutenant (junior grade) Eugene Overly watched Japanese sailors scrambling on the deck of the light carrier Zuibo.
Assessment: Avenger is proof that Chrysler still has its design mojo, which seems to have been missing during the Sebring development.
Avenger fire control computer with fan housing, NSN 5975-01-499-4052 (turn-in credit $45,680)
We climbed into the Avenger, and as I fired up the big 1,700-horsepower radial engine I felt reassured as the familiar plane came alive with a deep and pulsating roar.
That let, you keep your Avenger on the road until you can get a new bracket, which come, with PN 13502309.
Unfortunately, too many Avenger units do forget the M3P machine gun when it comes time for PMCS.
Through my experience with the Avenger, I've come up with a few simple suggestions that will shoot down some big Avenger problems.