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To become authentic, Dasein must "see through" the world of the "they" and realise itself, without forgetting that the being of averageness and everydayness is also a necessary and real way of being in the world.
This is clearly not a strictly mathematical kind of averageness, since our status as a prosperous social democracy is more exceptional in the world than not.
But scientists say there are some facial characteristics that most people from all cultures agree are attractive: averageness, symmetry and sexual dimorphism.
Features that make a man look manly or a woman feminine can trump both averageness and symmetry, but only sometimes.
It's the pinnacle of averageness, the summit of so-so, the most perfectly-formed slice of so what?
Physical attractiveness is rooted in the geometric concept of symmetry, mathematical concept of averageness and biological concept of secondary sexual characteristics.
Once a threshold of averageness or typicality is reached (say, the approximately $10,000 it costs to insure a family of four), it is implausible that additional income will linearly be spent on health care.
1993) Human (Homo sapiens) facial attractiveness and sexual selection: The role of symmetry and averageness.
missionaries of unselfconscious averageness and "common sense"
For it is precisely the foreignness of art, its irreconcilability with the compulsions of our averageness, that terrifies: "The artist's particular devotion is the one thing that cannot be reached or tampered with.