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Fehr and Schmidt (1999) support a behindness averse specification, and behindness aversion is also consistent with the logic of loss aversion.
Prior research in auditing has reported that most audit Seniors and Managers (80 percent) tend to be risk averse (Farmer 1993).
Countdown's Carol Vorderman has revealed she wouldn't be averse to a little nip and tuck at some point in the future.
Indeed those companies that had to pay down debt under duress typically become highly averse to borrowing even alter their balance sheets were repaired.
She enjoys shooting, and we reload together, She is averse to hunting because she doesn't want to kill anything.
In the same way, market makers on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange are more averse to risk on overcast days--at least that is the finding of Ning Zhu, an assistant professor of finance at the University of California, Davis, and William Goetzmann, professor of finance and management studies at Yale University's School of Management, New Haven, Conn.
While many in the state may not approve of homosexuality Li says, they are far more averse to discrimination, having defeated the last three antigay state ballot initiatives.
Picture the average college computer garner: male, caffeine-addled, and averse to strong sunlight, right?
Not the least is that the CIA is out to get Ballasar, and Malone is not averse to helping them for personal reasons of revenge.
From Richard, an agent is bivariate risk averse if he prefers [L.
In its extreme manifestation, many economic decisionmakers not only become risk averse but attempt to disengage from all risk.