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Their fears were allayed and Tarzan now found himself often in the role of nursemaid to a tiny anthropoid-- an avocation which he found by no means irksome, since Gazan was a never-failing fount of surprises and entertainment.
But though she could neither sleep nor rest in her bed, yet, having no avocation from it, she was found there by her father at his return from Allworthy's, which was not till past ten o'clock in the morning.
And there I stood, shining my light and holding my phial with a keener interest than I had ever brought to any honest avocation.
Also, to record that wherever I have been, in the smallest places equally with the largest, I have been received with unsurpassable politeness, delicacy, sweet temper, hospitality, consideration, and with unsurpassable respect for the privacy daily enforced upon me by the nature of my avocation here and the state of my health.
THE Border Security Force ( BSF) on Wednesday announced that it will rehabilitate Punjab's drug addicts by providing them information and training on job- oriented avocations .
And forcing them to shoulder the burden of learning certain avocations, in which they lack interest, will only damage the outlook of the children.
He even asked Heptulla to bolster the State Minorities Community Financial and Development Corporation so that loans on minimum rates of interest could be delivered to youth belonging to the minority community for self-employment avocations.
Louis Putz's Catholic Action and Fides Press directed Mike and several of us into careers or avocations writing about a church that, as Romano Guardini had written, was now "coming alive in the hearts of men.
Grossman credits his brush with cancer for motivating him to pursue the avocations he'd long wished to take a crack at.
With these sets of vocabulary exercises, students ranging from high school to college, those learning English as a new language, or those whose professions or avocations dictate better mastery of the language learn the roots of sets of words and then test their understanding of the words' definitions and usage.
Additionally, family history and avocations are also factors in approval.
This underwriter would broadly define antiselection as a state that exists when the proposed insured is aware of facts in his health habits (or lack thereof), medical history, avocations, and other scenarios that are intentionally not disclosed at the time of application.