avoid arrest

See: escape
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Brown immediately fled and is believed to have flown to California to avoid arrest.
Three of the dead were militants killed after they opened fire on the special unit to avoid arrest, an Israeli military source said.
There's evidence he used his position to avoid arrest on suspicion of drunk driving in 1996 and again in 1997.
Dozens of paramilitary members wanted for crimes during the Troubles but who fled Northern Ireland to avoid arrest could be allowed to return under legislation planned for next month.
Cons on the run use the same tricks to avoid arrest.
Other activists have gone into hiding, determined to avoid arrest until they make it to Jacobabad for the protest, Hasan said.
To avoid arrest, they need only claim they're growing it for someone who's sick.
According to officials, after his involvement in attack at Sri Lankan team was reviled, Aqeel fled to South Waziristan Agency to avoid arrest.
On Thursday, Varun tried to cover his back, desperately looking for options to avoid arrest.
THE trial of two drug squad officers accused of accepting bribes to help dealers avoid arrest will go ahead on April 1, after judges yesterday granted the defence a final adjournment to prepare.
At an earlier hearing, McSeveney, 23, of Shotts, Lanarkshire, admitted driving dangerously in a bid to avoid arrest, failing to stop and dragging the constable along the ground.
Mureed Bugti who belonged to Naseerabad had gone into hiding in Sindh two months ago to avoid arrest.