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Sing Lee who stood just without the trap door through which he was about to pass Professor Maxon's evening meal to him could not be blamed for overhearing the conversation, though it may have been culpable in him in making no effort to divulge his presence, and possibly equally unpraiseworthy, as well as lacking in romance, to attribute the doctor's avowal to his knowledge of the heavy chest.
The honest doctor did not confine himself to this avowal, but told the whole truth with regard to his own tastes, habits, and daily life.
I fully expected an explosion of anger to follow this bold avowal of my plans for the next day.
With that frank avowal he left the luncheon table, and took a chair near Mercy.
But when Love heard that awful confession from Beauty that she was married already, he bounced up from his attitude of humility on the carpet, uttering exclamations which caused poor little Beauty to be more frightened than she was when she made her avowal.
She was not so much surprised into the avowal, as induced to make it by a sudden calculation.
If after your avowal to him at your country house he had broken with you, if he had called me out--but this I can't understand.
If the Count discovered, by my own avowal, that the direct way to his safety lay through my life, he was probably the last man in existence who would shrink from throwing me off my guard and taking that way, when he had me alone within his reach.
Giles had not, at first, been able to bring his mind to the avowal, that he had only shot a boy.
They became known as the "Angola Three" as their years in solitary confinement at the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola drew attention to their avowals of innocence.
In his STL testimony, Junblatt confirmed this diagnosis, although his more revealing avowals focused on how Al Assad manipulated President Emile Lahoud, who was elected president in 1998.
This often translates into competitive sales avowals of inconsistency and variations from roast to roast in the artisanal product.