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The government briefly allowed an avowedly Nazi website with an Iran address to operate without the same censorship applied to other political websites.
Victory in a competitive senior league would be a feather in the cap for an avowedly local club that has made a policy of nurturing the talent on its own doorstep from scratch.
Events being held as part of the avowedly proletarian party's meeting include a football tournament, a history exhibition, a film festival and a national-level volleyball tournament.
Theologians and believers will find much to engage and debate in this book of humanistic reflections by an avowedly areligious technologist.
By the 1980s, even avowedly socialist leaders on the European continent retreated from planning.
Scottish celebrity chef Nick Nairn dislikes being characterised as "a tub-thumping patriot", but as he prepares to launch his first, avowedly regional, range of chilled foods--including a whole Haggis (see p46)--Nairn complains that his homeland is "still woefully under-represented south of the border".
Its cultural perspective has always been an avowedly interdisciplinary one, and its past Fellows have included such distinguished figures as Paul Tillich, Margaret Mead, Mircea Eliade, W H Auden, Robert Motherwell and Mies Van der Rohe.
If only Mr Matthews had bothered to read beyond the sensationalist headlines and realised that of those 149 people charged, 138 were members of the avowedly peaceful UK Uncut group, arrested during a protest at Fortnum & Masons which the Metropolitan Police themselves described as "peaceful and responsible".
The government's avowedly secular credentials had started eroding in its first tenure itself.
Sayyed promised the PM that things would not rest in the country before he puts to trial his closest henchmen, avowedly proclaiming his pro-Syrian stance, albeit, he did not take orders from Damascus as he said.
These crimes against humanity are not being committed by an uneducated, barbarian Genghis Khan but by people who are educated, are avowedly committed to the rights of man and are guardians of civil liberties.
uk which make charity donations tend to be mainly the larger regional ones looking to give something back to local communities, plus the avowedly philanthropic Triodos Bank.